Comodo Security InsightHigh Quality Advanced Security Service from Comodo Security Operations Center

Comodo Security Insight

  • What is Comodo Security Insight?

    Comodo Security Insight is a continuous monitoring service and vulnerability assesment service bundled as a package to strengthen the security posture of the customer. This compound service provides strong level of protection. Comodo Security Insight contains some optional services which are provided on demand and designed to ensure a whole security vision.

    Comodo Security Insight Service Includes:

    1. Comodo Threat Monitor Service
    2. Vulnerability Assesment

    Optional Services:

    1. Malware analysis
    2. Insider threat protection
  • Vulnerability Assesment

    Vulnerability assessment in Comodo Security Insight, is provided 4 times a year, for each quarter, or on customer's demand. Vulnerability assesment is conducted by top level experts of Comodo SoC and a comprehensive vulnerability assesment report is generated after the assesment. This enables a detailed view of vulnerabilities in your network, web sites or applications and systems and combined with the live monitor gives you a satisfactory level of security visibility.

  • Malware analysis

    Comodo Security Insight offers free malware analysis of upto 25 files monthly. While Comodo NxSIEM automatically detects, correlates and reports on many malware activities, some files need more attention and expert analysis. Comodo Malware analysis team, has years of expertise on malwares and are ready to help Comodo Security Insight customers about their unknown files.

  • Insider Threat Protection

    Privileged accounts have access to sensitive information and business critical assets that makes them a higher security risk. A compromised privileged account may result in very serious situations like data breach,business interruption or damaged reputation. Comodo's Inside Threat is a privileged account monitoring service combines Comodo's security expertise with continuous monitoring, powerful analysis and correlation capabilities of Comodo NxSIEM, leads to a very effective way of tracking your privileged users. Generating timely alerts with proper severity levels and carefully analysing privileged accounts many inside threats can be significantly reduced.